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Doping the DLC with silicon for enhanced thermal stability

Some highlights in advance:

👉🏼 Adding Silicon into DLC coatings increases the thermal stability

👉🏼Undoped arc-deposited carbon collapses at 425°C, while addition of Silicon in DLC stabilizes the structure to further 125°C

👉🏼Addition of Silicon favors the sp3 hybridization and collapsing the compressive stress in the coatings

👉🏼Moreover Silicon incorporation reduces the friction and increases the wear resistance that enhances the machining properties of the coatings

Discussion in detail

DLC - Tribology of diamond like carbon films

Figure Curtsy: J. C. Sánchez-López & A. Fernández; Tribology of Diamond-Like Carbon Films pp 311–338

Diamond-like amorphous carbon (DLC) is an interesting material in the coating industries for various applications, such as