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​Holistic consideration and optimization of the PVD process,

in all its parts:








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Avaluxe supports customers in all phases of coating projects such as the planning, design, development and production phase for numerous applications in different areas, such as tool manufacture, tribology, medical technology, automotive and decorative applications. 

Close cooperation with renowned research facilities and institutes enables us to meet the highest requirements for innovative developments.


Analysis & characterization of the materials

Using the latest technology, we analyze the chemical components of your materials and determine the composition, properties, structure and microstructure of your materials and assemblies.

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Avaluxe helps you to identify the right coating materials for your substrates. In addition, we support the development of new alloys to meet sophisticated specifications for coatings.

Chemical analysis and material diagnostics

Analysis & characterization of the materials

We examine your samples in accordance with standards and deliver reliable results within the shortest possible time - on fair terms.


Our services include quality assurance, substance characterization, element composition, stoichiometry, purity control and damage analysis, as well as comprehensive advice.

We identify around 70 chemical elements and can do even more:

We analyze metals, alloys, ores and minerals using:

  • Emission spectroscopy with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES)

  • Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) with flame, graphite tube and hydride technology

  • X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF)

  • Solid-state OES

  • Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GDMS)

  • Non-metal determination by means of an automatic analyzer

  • Gas determination in metals using an oxygen-nitrogen-hydrogen analyzer

  • Anion analysis using ion chromatography (IC)

  • Liquid chromatography (HPLC)

  • Potentiometry

  • Spectrophotometry

  • Gravimetry

  • Dimensional analysis

We're examining
Your metals and alloys:

Everything you need

  • Metallography

  • Determination of material parameters

  • independent assessment of technical damage cases

  • Support your quality management

  • Reliability evaluation of components and electronic assemblies

  • Determination and setting of defined property profiles of materials

  • Technology optimization and development


Process optimization through bonding service

In order to optimize the sputtering process, bonding the target to a back plate has proven successful. Thanks to this technology, the sputtering target can not only be easily installed in the PVD system, but also the material yield increases significantly while the heat load is reduced at the same time. This leads to considerable cost savings, especially with complex, high-priced and very brittle materials.

Advantages of target bonding at a glance

  • Reduction of the target thickness by up to 50%

  • Lower heat load on the target thanks to improved cooling through heat dissipation via the back plate

  • Brittleness as a material property can be neglected (Si, B, Ge, MoS2, ceramic materials)

  • Back panels are reusable and therefore environmentally friendly

  • We manufacture back plates made of copper, stainless steel and molybdenum for you

We bond for your requirements

Choosing the right process is important to achieve a secure bond between target and backplate. Uniform heat transfer and good electrical contact must also be ensured, and the different expansion coefficients of the various materials must be compensated for.

We take these factors into account for you and offer you the right process for your combination of target and backplate.

Different processes - different back plates


You too can make your contribution to sustainability -

We are happy to help you develop individual solutions.

We believe that metals and alloys are essential today. You have made a decisive contribution to the development of mankind and are now at the beginning of a wide-ranging value chain. Major sectors such as the automotive industry, chemistry, electronics or mechanical engineering permanently require metals and alloys.

Recycling in Europe: Almost 100% of the metallic raw materials are imported

Against this background, we want metal recycling to be of particular importance in Germany. We feel obliged to act sustainably and see the ideally complete reprocessing and reuse of the residual metals and alloys remaining after the production process as a logical consequence.

That is why we offer complete solutions for material recovery - and turn scrap into raw materials. In this way, we contribute to minimizing energy and raw material consumption and can improve resource efficiency.

Among other things, we recycle

  • Chrome

  • Hafnium

  • Indium

  • Copper

  • Molybdenum

  • Nickel-chromium

  • Niobium

  • Silicon

  • Tantalum

  • Titanium

  • Tungsten

  • Zircon

  • And their alloys

  • Indexable inserts and hard metal tools made of tungsten carbide, hard metal fragments

  • Carbide micro-drill

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Evaluation of the optimization potential in your coating processes

Depending on your intended applications, Avaluxe supports you in the determination and definition of system and auxiliary requirements for coating solutions as well as in the evaluation and implementation of optimal pre- and post-treatments in relation to the specific coating applications.

With our broad network of customers and clients, Avaluxe is constantly developing, testing and improving highly innovative and competitive coating solutions. To this end, we continuously validate and optimize production processes in close cooperation with our customers' experts from various disciplines.

In the area of tool coating, our support does not stop with the cutting tools. We are happy to help you with the design of coating materials, processes and the implementation of performance tests for forming tools and precision components.

the competence for innovative coatings

Advice on all PVD processes, selection of the associated materials, production know-how on an industrial scale and development of the necessary test procedures for quality control. 

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