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Ultra small nano-crystalline diamond coatings for biomedical applications

This article talks about using PVD technology for tailored metal doped Ultra-nanocrystalline Diamond Coatings in Next-Generation High-Tech and Medical Devices

The field of biomaterials has become a pioneer in materials science during the recent years. The term "biomaterials" represent a multidisciplinary field because of the many diverse technological applications.

Biomaterials are defined as “materials used for production of new generations of implantable medical devices. prostheses to replace natural bone-based human body parts, and human body engineered tissue and artificial organs”.

The funniest thing is "this definition is pillared by the reality that biomaterials are currently used in as many as more than 7800 medical devices".

Biomaterials are also being used in a variety of fields such as

  • development of stem cells

  • tissue engineering

  • gene therapy

  • micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems, which enables new generation of biosensors and

  • implantable power generation devices to galvanize electronics based medical devices.

A lot of technologies are using biomaterials and the range is very wide;

  • cardiovascular and gastrointestinal stents,

  • defibrillators

  • artificial hips and knees