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What Adam and Eve have to do with PVD Coatings?

PVD Coatings ADAM EVE EDEN coating technology

PVD and electroplating are two methods used for thin films coatings. It is pretty normal why customers prefer PVD to conventional electrochemical methods. PVD advantages over the electroplating Although, electroplating and PVD are two important coating technologies for decorative and antimicrobial, the PVD advantages over the electroplating to large extent in terms of

  • uniform deposition over complex shapes and large areas

  • excellent adhesion with seamless gradient integrated interface between substrate and coated layer

  • no chemical toxicity,

  • wider choice of materials and combination of materials that cannot be coated by electroplating.

  • PVD can coat alloyed compounds that cannot be done by rest of the coating technologies including electroplating.

PVD coatings ceramic tiles and sanitary fittings

PVD technology combined with the right coating materials can be a smart weapon against microbes and viruses. Thus:

Avaluxe made decorative and antimicrobial PVD coatings = ADAM

The long-term impact of Covid-19 is possibly a collective fear of microbes and viruses which pushed people to a huge and unexpected cultural shift to have cleaner environments in living homes and working areas. There by, greater interest has been shown to have antimicrobial and antiviral

  • textiles

  • door accessories

  • faucet handles

  • home accessories and also

  • ceramic tiles.

PVD ceramic tiles and sanitary fittings coated

ceramic tiles and PVD coating Apart from this process easiness ADAM PVD coatings · never fade over time · having more uniform appearance · have more abrasion resistance than the electroplated coatings.

ADAM PVD coatings are always there to serve and protect The product may be a kitchen cutleries that demand long life-time with enduring sharpness or mimicking a precious metal for luxury watch industries; our coating material and experience will help making your product attractive and antimicrobial.

ADAM PVD goes automotive

ADAM PVD coating development is now involving in the research to functionalize plastics for sensing applications in automobile electronics. We are working hard to make multiple layer sandwiches of thin metals and insulative ceramics to provide long lasting shining appearance while servicing antimicrobial features.

Here are more Infos about EVE.


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