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DC Power Systems

Access vast feature sets and

Reliable performance

Looking for proven, precise DC power solutions?

We offer standard DC and pulsed-DC power-delivery options.


Thanks to vast feature sets and reliable performance, our power generators are used in nearly every manufacturing market - semiconductor, flat panel, glass, thin film, etc.

DC Power systems
power supply for ARC conditions

Ascent AMS Series

Stable Power Delivery for Extreme Arc Conditions and Highly Repeatable Films

Ascent® AMS power supplies deliver stable, repeatable power, regardless of process material or cathode design. The AMS provides advanced arc management, allowing maximum power delivery with faster recovery to process. Extreme fast recovery also means extremely low energy delivered through arcs, preventing substrate damage.

For high power applications, the Ascent AMS can be used in primary / secondary configuration. Common applications include output configurations over 100 kW. However, the combined water / air cooling design keeps the generator footprint to a minimum.


Advanced Energy's front-line DC generator provides performance and reliability required in dual-magnetron sputtering applications.  

Arcs are actively managed, versus a generic pre-set arc response. 

  • Less than 0.4 mJ per 1 kW of output energy

  • Stable, repeatable process through arcing conditions


Primary / secondary for high power applications


Higher power levels with reduced arc damage


Obtain high film quality and throughput

Reduce film, substrate, and equipment damage

Achieve stable throughput and power delivery under extreme arcing conditions

Easily integrate and control


Arc Management System ™ (AMS) technology - customer pre-sets for metal and ceramic targets

Set Point Compensation ™ technology

Arc Sync® technology - primary / secondary up to 12 units

Ethernet, EtherCAT®, DeviceNet®, Profibus, RS-232/485, Ethernet / IP, and analog communications


  • Flat panel displays

  • Glass coatings

  • Industrial coatings

  • Solar photovoltaics

power supply low power magnetron sputtering

MDX Series

The MDX Series Enables Low-Power Magnetron Sputtering in a Small and Affordable Package

Tight regulation, superior arc quenching, and low stored output energy make MDX Series DC power supplies an industry leader. Intended for continuous hard use in a vacuum environment, these rugged power supplies are most commonly used as DC magnetron sputtering drives.


They also offer tight regulation as bias supplies in RF sputtering and etching systems. Their compact design makes them the primary choice for laboratory systems.


An industry workhorse, the MDX Series diligently serves low-power applications where robust, accurate power delivery is a must.

  • Available in 500 W, 1 kW, and 1.5 kW models

  • Excellent process results with low stored energy

  • Backed by Advanced Energy's Global Service organization


  • Tight regulation

  • Improved yield

  • Reduced target burn-in time

  • High reliability

  • Easy maintenance and replacement


  • Low stored output energy with adjustable arc suppression time

  • Low ripple

  • Compact design

  • Voltage, current, and power regulation modes

  • Front panel and analog interface control


  • Deposition

dc power supply high yields

Pinnacle Series

The Most Recognized DC Power Supply for <= 20 kW Processes

The field-proven Pinnacle® DC generators deliver remarkable process consistency and control for significantly reduced variation and higher yields.


This compact, versatile package offers outstanding arc management with low stored energy, fast arc response, and wide, full-power operational impedance range.


Advanced Energy's Pinnacle DC generators enable quality thin films and maximum process efficiency.

Buy only what you need: Power options from 6 to 20 kW


Produce the best films possible with accurate, repeatable power and leading, low-delivered ARC energy


Compact air-cooled design expandable in primary / secondary configuration


  • Lower operating and installed costs

  • Achieve fast arc response

  • Configure arc response

  • Maximize process efficiency

  • Precisely control your process


  • Low stored energy - less than 1 mJ per 1 kW of output

  • No tap changes

  • Output repeatability of ± 0.1%

  • Target conditioning cycle (TCC) - minimizes conditioning time for new targets

  • Joule mode - optimized energy delivery


  • Deposition

  • Flat panel displays

  • Industrial coatings

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Solar photovoltaics

DC power system 3000 W

Pinnacle 3000

Industry-Leading Pinnacle DC Power Technology in a 3000 W Package

The Advanced Energy Pinnacle 3000 DC power supply provides extremely high efficiency and power factor, which results in low operating and install costs.


Pinnacle process consistency and control significantly reduce variation and enable higher yields in both process and bias applications.


Robust, compact DC generator designed exclusively for low power applications where precision and process repeatability are critical.

Enables superior film quality with less than 6 mJ / kW delivered arc energy

Run-to-run consistency: Better than 0.1% repeatability

Wide process range - impedances from 370 to 1000 VDC


  • Proven Pinnacle performance and reliability

  • Versatile - excellent in both process and bias applications

  • Fast, configurable arc response - low arc damage

  • Precise process control


  • Extremely high efficiency and power factor

  • Compact - 3000 W in a 2U, ½-rack package

  • Wide, single tap

  • Profibus and RS-232 serial communications 400 VAC input only

  • Low stored energy - less than 6 mJ per 1 kW of output

  • Output repeatability of ± 0.1% at greater than 15% power


  • Industrial coatings

DC pulsed DC power supplies

DC and Pulsed-DC Solvix

The Best in DC and Pulsed-DC Power Delivery Unify

Solvix® DC and pulsed-DC power supplies for sputtering applications offer precise accuracy and proven repeatability thanks to more than a decade in the field.


With a wide range of power and frequency levels, pulsing, and multiple communications options, Solvix power supplies provide a rugged and cost-effective solution for your unique process.


A robust, coordinated suite of Precision PowerTM supplies specifically designed to enable advanced, high-tech coatings.

Ease of operation and configuration with modular DC and pulsed-DC solutions

Industry-leading reliability while powering the extreme dynamics of plasma processes

Improved film quality with industry-leading power regulation and arc management


  • Proven reliability, accuracy, and repeatability

  • Reduced substrate damage and process contamination

  • Adaptability to a broad range of process requirements

  • Efficient installation and service

  • Worldwide support network


  • DC and pulsed DC units

  • Outstanding arc handling

  • Current, power, and voltage regulation modes

  • Air and water cooling

  • Multiple units configurable for varying high power requirements


  • Flat panel displays

  • Glass coatings

  • Industrial coatings

  • Solar photovoltaics

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